Providing scholarships to students continues as the organization’s top priority. CSUWA has contributed nearly $300,000 in scholarships to students at CSU since 1979. Each year we raise money through membership fees, tax deductible donations, and sales of cards and gifts. CSUWA also administers numerous named scholarships.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, 23 scholarships, including named scholarships, ranging between $1,000 and $3,000 and totaling $50,900 were recognized on November 3, 2016 at a special reception. 

Supporting Our Scholarships

You can be a part of our scholarship efforts by making a donation using the form below.


Scholarship Contribution Form (PDF)


You can also make a gift online through the Advancing website.

How to Apply

To apply for scholarships, complete the CSU Scholarship Application (CSUSA), available online at RAMweb beginning December 1. The deadline is March 1st at 11:00 p.m. (MST).

Go to and login using your eID. This will bring you into CSU’s portal (RamPoint) where you can select the RAMweb tab, and the CSU Scholarship Application (CSUSA). Be sure to complete the Student Financial Services section of the CSUSA.

CSUWA Scholarships and Named Donor Scholarships 2016-2017

CSUWA Scholarships

Kristy Brown
Primary major: Business Administration
In memory of Maxine Tamlin

Elizabeth Larsen
Primary major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
In memory of Helena Vredenburg

Abriyana Senter
Primary major: Sociology
In memory of Jean Bruner

Danette French
Primary major: Environmental Health
In memory of Margie Clyma

CSU Women’s Association Creative Cards Scholarship

Natalia Gil
Primary major: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Romerta F. Cook Memorial Scholarship

Hannah Perez 
Primary major: Undeclared

Maybelle “Mic” Frantz Memorial Scholarship

Thomas Donahue
Primary major: Journalism and Media Communications

Ardith Briggs Kerst Scholarships

Danette French
Primary major: Environmental Health

Shawn Lyons
Primary major: Soil and Crop Sciences

Ralph F. and Fern Howard Briggs Scholarships

Arianna Delgadillo
Primary major: Music

Lara DePriest
Primary major: Social Work

Shirley Knox Memorial Scholarship

Bailey Brummer 
Primary major: Animal Science

Lilla B. Morgan Memorial Scholarship

Tamara Mack
Primary major: Business Administration

Patricia Ann Harper Memorial Scholarship

Bonnie Hogan
Primary major: Health and Exercise Science

Ruth C. Moyer CSUWA Scholarship

Erica Sinclair 
Primary major: Equine Science

Nancy M. Yeager Memorial Scholarship

Amanda Skoranski
Primary major: Human Development & Family Studies

Patricia Lovelock Grant Memorial Scholarship

Jennifer Mitchell 
Primary major: Nutrition and Food Science

John and Pat Venable CSUWA Scholarship (College of Liberal Arts)

Kaari von Bernuth 
Primary major: English

Sarah Sujansky 
Primary major: Music

Luxenberg-Olsson Family Scholarship (Health and Human Sciences)

Xian Wang
Primary major: Nutrition and Food Sciences

David and Shirley Ames Scholarship (Agricultural Sciences)

Jeananne Mosher
Primary major: Animal Science

Stella Morris Payne Scholarship

Cassandra Hatt
Primary major: Applied Developmental Science

Genny and Warren Garst Scholarship (Natural Sciences)

Sadie Henry 
Primary major: Computer Science